Just one of those weekends…

Downtown Barre, Vermont

It’s Memorial Day weekend…that long weekend just at the right time of the school year…and if the weather cooperates an amazing opportunity to reflect and look back on the school year and to look forward for the weeks ahead.  I’ll admit I’ve probably not done the best of jobs in the past recognizing the importance of this day, but today, I felt it.



One of my gals marched in a parade for the first time and the other got to watch her big sister do something important and new.  It was integral to the oldest that she be able to hold the U.S. Navy flag.  Her connection to this is through my father-in-law served in the Navy.  I don’t know whether or not she even begins to understand what that means, but to be fair, I’m not sure I begin to understand what that means.


I took a moment today while we were standing there, proud parents, and looked around the crowd and saw many others with the same look, but not just because of their child marching in the parade…it was because of those being recognized…a different kind of pride…a respect.  Important stuff and I’m happy that my daughters experienced that, even if they don’t understand how important it is, someday they might.




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