@PrincipalBerry Don’t Push That Button!!!

Tomorrow I will be changing my social media profiles to match my new position and new world, Director of Curriculum, Communication and Innovation.

Somewhere in the back of my mind when I was forging my online self I sincerely thought I would be a principal forever, and I believe that in my heart of hearts I will continue to be.

I have plans to chronicle this next chapter of my journey much as I have my principal experience.  I’ve so appreciated the connections and learning that have come from this incredible online PLN that supports everything I consider and discover.  I’m a bit nervous about hitting that SAVE button on the profile pages…not sure what will happen, but excited at the same time.

I can’t begin to sum up how appreciative I am also of the people I’ve worked with in our school district (and who I still get to pester in this new job!).  It’s all very surreal…and still sinking in.  It wasn’t that I wanted to stop being a principal, but that I wanted to keep working with these amazing folks in different ways that really did it.  Oh and there was this application question too…how can you not be excited about a job that asks this as an application question:

If you were marooned on a tropical island with one technology wifi device (with 30 minutes of battery life), your literacy coach, high school science teacher and 28 eleven year olds, what would you do to get back to Richmond, Vermont?

My answer:


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