Day 2: I made a bunny mistake

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So it only took me a day and some change to mess up at the new gig.  But as I was recently reading a post by George Couros all about how we sometimes avoid sharing the realities of life via social media and other reflective tools, I thought I would share this special little tidbit…and the learning that came from it!

We are in the midst of a major website transition.  As many know this is a BIG undertaking. Also consider that as we’re all now very used to being able to access any information when and how we’d like, any interruption to this experience can be…challenging.

That moment happened today.  Parents and community members were going to our previous website where, without warning, the information was no longer available.  My title is Director of Curriculum, COMMUNICATION, and Innovation…oy!  We have an amazing group of people that work within our district, including our tech support folks.  As much as I taunt them sometimes I really do appreciate them.  Come to find out our new landing page (under construction page) was up and ready to go with basic information that parents might want, like the school year calendar.  Great…all I need to do is share the info with principals, get it posted to the community and our communication can continue to be awesome.  So I do that.  It’s not until after I check the post link to the new website that I realize there is a very entertaining (and I mean that) video of a large rabbit hopping through the top banner of the website.

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 Meet Big Buck Bunny part of a feature created via Blender.  Now…I’ve watched the whole film and while really entertaining it doesn’t exactly scream “welcoming school district” so the tech crew jumped into action, removed the video in the slider and we all had a good little chuckle about my great work on the second day of my new job.  Awesome Mike…awesome.  All I could picture was our parents going to the “new” website and seeing that and thinking…wow…just wow.

In any case, it brings up the conversation from that post by George Couros.  I mess up…a lot.  But I like to think that I do two things along with that.  I admit it and I learn from it.  So as I was digging into this video I found out all about open source software that Blender is and supports the growth of in creation.  I was blown away, wrote feverish notes thinking about the impacts on learning and the whole nature of open source and how we as an institution might use more open source concepts in our own designs and functions.  So, not a loss at all but another chance to be better at what I do.



One thought on “Day 2: I made a bunny mistake

  1. Anonymous

    You can’t make this stuff up…. Good thing is it’s summer, which diminishes the number of people really needing info.! yikes…. It will all work out…😗

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