Day 3: tools versus treats

Olympus TG-870


Say hello to one of the new cameras I’ll be using this year to help tell our district’s story (this isn’t a plug or a sponsored review, but Olympus…if you want to talk…).  I’m super grateful to work in a place that values the power of storytelling and supports the work.  After using cameras for many years now to tell stories and share how awesome our educators, families and students are I look at cameras a lot differently than other folks do.  Even when this little point and shoot arrived today I could see some folks looking at it like a luxury item (once again…totally grateful to have access to it).  It’s not a luxury item…it’s a tool.  It’s something to use as a tool.  It’s not a special occasion, it’s not a “once in awhile when company is over” kind of thing…it’s a daily, get roughed up, tool.  It got me thinking about a conversation our admin team had recently about things like Identity Day shouldn’t feel like special occasions…they should just be the way things are.  It’s stuck with me…trying to sort it out in my head…and how do we get there.

One of my favorite vlogger Casey Neistat takes flack from followers all the time about his cameras taking a beating and he says exactly that…they are tools to be used…so use ’em.


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