Day 4: Educator Licensing Is Hard Work

Maris Kittell, Pat King, Dodi Gomez, Helen Anne Cafferty, Mary Fran Holly and Angeline Faraci

I have told many people that licensing and I…well, we have our struggles.  Today was my first time attending a L/RSB (Local/Regional Standards Board) training through the Agency of Education.

What I walked away with was a larger appreciation of the amount of moving parts within licensing.  I admire the folks in this photo from our district (and the folks from the AOE who work with a lot of changes day in day out) that work hard to support our educators through these moving parts.  The other thing I got from this day was that we (the collective we) have to do a better job of explaining, supporting and making this process work for educators, so that they can spend more time in the classroom and working with students and less time sorting out their fingerprints.

I say this not as a slight to the process or need for a license.  As was said many times today “it’s a professional license…it’s important.”  I totally agree with that and believe that educators are often misplaced in the area of professional respect.  Still, the process cannot supercede quality of instruction, professional development, etc.  Instead it is on us to think of new ways to connect this process to meaningful development for our educators.  Things that have me thinking:  micro-credentialing (total credit to @betavt for planting that one in my head).


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