Day 5: Communicate This

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After being gone on vacation and then a full day training with the state yesterday I was finally back!!!!! Back to the piles that I left after only three days in the new gig, back to my beautiful chalkboards and piles of documents yet to be read…it felt good.  A big part of the day was just getting organized.  I talked to a bunch of people throughout the day, discussed everything from grants to book groups.  It wasn’t until the superintendent (@SuptAlberghini) and I were brainstorming themes and professional development for the upcoming school year that we both realized there was one significantly common thread in everything we were looking at…communication.  COMMUNICATION!  It was everywhere and deep into everything we were discussing and planning.  Eventually any concept came down to “how are we going to communicate this effectively and transparently?”

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Preach it Lee!  That’s it…we have all this amazing potential in our schools, leaders, communities, etc. and much of its success hinges totally on the communication.  I’m not just harping on this because it’s now officially in my job title, but I’m just seeing the threads connecting from multiple points.  It really adds to the importance of creating systems of communication that are:

  • transparent
  • timely
  • clear
  • engaging
  • student centered
  • help build investment in the work we are doing



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