Day 6: The Podcast is Coming, The Podcast is Coming…again


Today was a FULL day…full of awesome!  Today I had the honor of meeting with @SBaerFarrell, one of the amazing educators in our district.  We had a great discussion/brainstorm about education, creativity, joy and celebrating learning.  It was really powerful and we’re happy to announce…THE PODCAST IS COMING BACK!  We’re going to commit to creating an amazing podcast called:

Roots and Wings: A Collection of Joy and Innovation in Today’s Classrooms

I can’t take any credit for that title, that’s all @SBaerFarrell.  Our goal is simple…find examples of joy and innovation, share them…learn from them and keep focusing on the positive!  Along with that we talked a lot about the concept I call “upflow.”  What I’m talking about with this is how do we get innovations that our educators are doing in our classrooms to flow “up” to our curriculum committees and structures…I can’t help but think that can be a big part of this work as well.  Very powerful and super exciting.  More information to come but definitely put this on your list of great things to look for.

And to all you previous podcast or video guests…watch out…the invites are coming.  And for anyone else interesting in contributing let me know!


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