Day 7: Something Amazing Happened While I Was at a Grants Training

Tracy Lavallee and Barb Aitken

Something amazing happened while I was at a grants training…in the room right next to where I was!  These two amazing educators were diving into 4th grade science, NGSS, Mystery Science and a whole bunch of awesomeness.

Specifically they were working to develop a conceptual storyline for our scholar investigations in Energy:

Focus Questions


  • What is energy?
  • How is energy transferred between objects or systems?
  • How are forces related to energy?


In the span of a day these educators created and aligned the conceptual building blocks, focus questions and activities all culminating with a design and build style assessment for scholars.  That’s probably one of the most exciting parts and we were all totally charged up by that!  We’re still working on finishing up the activities, but it was exciting to see this work charging forward.  Exploring Mystery Science  was a treat as well (for me too).  Barb and Tracy made sure to mention that it is worth checking out the extras on Mystery Science …there’s some good stuff there for scholars that can add extra context and authentic connections.

Big thank you for letting me learn from you both!  Wish I could have spent the whole day learning with you!


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