Day 15: Find the Story #tcrwp @mattdelapena

Pixar exhibit – Cooper Hewitt
Pixar exhibit – Cooper Hewitt
Pixar exhibit – Cooper Hewitt
Pixar exhibit – Cooper Hewitt
Pixar exhibit – Cooper Hewitt

Today was a flurry of learning, as was the day before, as will be the day after…but there seemed to be this ever present theme EVERYWHERE I went today.  Find the story.  We had an amazing talk from @mattdelapena this afternoon. As much as I’d like to tell you about the details I wouldn’t do it justice…and it’s his story, not mine.  Within his talk though he tossed out that same theme.  Find the story.  He found his and many who he has reached through his reading and his writing have found theirs.  The whole talked rattled around my head tonight as we set off on our evening adventure.

@PrincipalWells and I had it in our heads that we wanted to visit the Cooper Hewitt Museum.  We’re both fascinated by design and thought it would be kind of a unique place for us to visit.  A couple of our crew joined us for the journey, but when we mentioned there might be displays of the evolution of blenders and things like that they suddenly lost interest and just found a place to chill while we went into the museum.  Totally understandable!

We found amazing things inside…beautiful things.

Ken Wong- ustwo games

But what we found most of was the element of story.  There was a whole room dedicated to Pixar…and Pixar is all about story.  As you see in the pictures above from the Pixar exhibit the entire room was about finding story…finding it in books, life, people, things…find it.  I don’t think the guards who were ready to close down for the night really appreciated the moment as much as we did…but it was there.

“The storytelling and the emotional content is what gets into my heart and soul and brain, and then eventually down my arm and out of my hand onto paper.”

-Ralph Eggleston, Production Designer

As we walked out we couldn’t stop clamoring about how we should be using the concepts of Pixar in our schools, in our thinking…our reading and our writing…how much students would connect with it.

Great night.  Powerful night. Goodnight.

another story on the way home – Garden of E

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