Day 16: Building Human @MisterMinor

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This afternoon @MisterMinor had a tough conversation with a room full of educators…and it was beautiful.  I don’t want to give away the specific details because they’re still rattling around in my head.  Those that know me will understand my instant need for a few chalkboards and a couple hours of silence to fully process what I learned today.  But here was my HUGE take away.  Along with literacy, academics, health, etc. we need to help students choose what role they are going to play in life…situations…arguments…challenges…disappointments…you name it.  When @MisterMinor asked us today to determine which role we were going to play it was a tremendous reminder to me not only about our students, but about ourselves and how we can choose our role in any given situation.  We can be the better person, the human or we can choose to be bitter or closed.  As for the second question…what can you do to help me better in that work @MisterMinor?  Just keep on keepin’ on…and share it with the world.

Oh and @MisterMinor…if you ever want to meet some amazing educators in Vermont I just happen to know a very welcoming school district that would be happy to host your visit!


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