@PrincipalWells Gets a Poem

So we had this great idea that @PrincipalWells should bring his typewriter with us out and about and offer poems to people.  Apparently someone else had that same idea and the forces of the universe brought them together.  One of the things that’s been powerful about our experience as a team at Teachers College has been alllllllll the conversations in between.  We’ll be discussing where to get dinner and suddenly fall into an amazing conversation about literacy, our work, leadership…sharing ideas, generating new goals…awesome stuff.

Last night we were walking the High Line and we came across a poet and a typewriter.  @PrincipalWells immediately fell into conversation with the gentleman and began crafting a conversation/poem about reading.  We all got drawn in and were a part of the discussion.  An onlooker even crafted her own poem about reading after hearing us describe it to the poet.  There’s a power to being here as a team, immersed in a theme and finding it around every corner.


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