Day 19: Coaches Unite!

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.41.03 PM
Sara Baer-Farrell, Christian Courtemanche, Mary Abele-Austin, Shaun Langevin                         Pam Foust, Renee Barrett, Beth Moore

We are amazingly lucky to have embedded professional development opportunities for our school community (we have more amazing coaches than are in the picture).  Each year we develop our professional development systems and opportunities to continue to support new learning, best practices and just good ol’ reflection on our practice.  These folks have extremely tough jobs…not only introducing new strategies and ideas, but also being that support for our hardworking educators who are constantly shifting with new ideas, concepts and practices.  Don’t be fooled by the casual picture, these folks work HARD!

Today was our first meeting as a team for the upcoming school year.  Our basic goals were to just get organized really honing in on communication and organization.  Big questions:

  • What kind of communication systems do we want to use as a team?
  • What’s the work ahead for this year?
  • How can we increase the quality and quantity of curricular information available to parents, families and community members?
  • How can we increase the efficiency of our curriculum committee system?
  • How can we make sure to have fun and celebrate the joy in education?

Stuff like that.  Awesome stuff.  Great meeting, great team…genuinely excited about the work ahead!


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