Day 24: New…


Today was the first day of our new teacher/staff orientation.  We’ve done this every year and there are a ton of nuts and bolts things that we run through with our new staff.  Much of the morning was spent discussing in groups and partnerships concepts wrapped up in Danielson’s Frameworks.  Great conversations came from this and some genuine learning and sharing from the new folks.  It was great.  We also rolled into a bunch of logistics…benefits, computers, online rules…things like that.  All completely necessary and valuable in it’s own way.  That being said today was the first day that I was looking at this experience through the lense of organizer and I walked away with a bunch of new learning myself.

Notes for next year:

  •  I realized that we need to add in more of a formal welcome to our district.  We are an amazing school district with amazing educators, families and scholars.  Our new folks should feel that almost instantly.  I think I could have done more with that one right off the bat.
  • Snacks…bring snacks (thank you for the feedback on that)
  • The most powerful parts of the day happened when educators were talking with educators…make more of the information interactive in that manner.  Two things happen…everyone learns the content and make new connections among each other
  • Always order one more pizza than you think you need

I appreciate everyone that worked to make today happen.  It really was a great day of connecting and learning…and yes, snacks next time.



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