Day 27: It’s hot in the auditorium…but really cool!

The last couple of days have been a blur, but a really positive blur.  This, represented a traditional event in our district…convocation. There’s a long history of convocation events, some awesome, some with room to grow, but each achieved one very cool thing.  It puts everybody in the district in one room (a sometimes warm room, hence the hot, but cool title…get it?).
This year we wanted to keep it simple.  A video (above) welcoming our newest educators to the district, a very genuine talk from our superintendent and a special treat after…ice cream served by some of our board members.
The best moment for me was watching everyone in the hallway after, eating ice cream and just chatting it up.  High school teachers talking with elementary, administrators checking in with board members…everybody just being human with each other.  Best part.
And I got to do something I really value.  I got to capture some of that greatness!

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