Day 28: Keep movin’…

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One thing that is VERY AWESOME about my job is that I’m always moving from one place to another on a given day, having the chance to interact with so many different people…it’s incredible.    Friday was one of those days where I was working with multiple groups of people within the span of one day.  I like that kind of day.

Just before I started the voyage of the day I met with Shaun Longevin and Renee Barrett, MMMUSD-CESU Tech Integrationists.  We’ve been brainstorming different ways to support educators throughout the school year.  One such idea was this concept of doing weekly chrome app reviews.  With the word “communication” in my title one of my big charges for the year is to sort out different, effective and efficient ways to reach people.  Video is one of those mediums that seems extremely accessible and a little more engaging than a mountain of google docs, so we’re going to give it a try.  So 9 a.m. Friday morning we met and started a year of reviews.  The rules are simple:

  • Each week we each pick an app or extension to review using screencastify
  • We don’t tell each other which one we’ve chosen
  • On Friday we watch them together and share thoughts, additional tips and a little humor.

This was our first one, so be gentle…and I think we learned a lot:

  • We’ll shorten our example vids a little bit
  • Shaun will not have a cold during the next one
  • I’ll show a practical example, not just a plug

and a few other good tips.  Enjoy.



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