Day 32: First Days are First Days…

Today I started the morning at Smilie Memorial School and was greeted with beautiful skies (versus the first day of school), balloons and more smiling faces…some that I’d already seen the day before.  There were very happy children hopping around the whole building…happy adults too.  One of them was a veteran P.E. teacher from some of our other great schools.  She started working at Smilie this year and today was her very first day.
It’s something that I think we sometimes forget.  Adults have first days too.  All those moments of anxiety, not knowing where things are, or why things are a certain way, who do I ask, when do I ask…all of those moments of pause are there…BUT you wouldn’t have known it looking at @acowanPE today…it was wonderful.  Students who were attending her class for the first time felt right at home.
Powerful moment to be able to witness.  Thanks @acowanPE for letting me hang out and learn…and yes, next time I’ll be prepared to participate.

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