Day 39: Only Two In The Whole World…

I remember when Kim Aucter started this project last year. I was having a ridiculous schedule kind of week and missed out on being able to come in and be a large part of it, but I remember thinking about the incredible connection that it would have.
Fast-forward through the summer and I came across this post on Kim’s Blog and it all sank in.
Wow…just wow.
When I had a chance to sit down with Kim there was this one statement she made that really hit me…she said “only two people in the whole world would have the same pair.”  She was referring to the part of the project where each fourth grader made two pairs of shoes with the exact same design.  Just thinking about that made me smile.  That’s a deep thought and I’m so amazed that our scholars had that opportunity.
This project didn’t just hit home on a moral front, but also in terms of our learning planning and curriculum.  Kim was able to align and connect with outcomes in our own curriculum and the National Core Arts Standards in multiple ways…showing that you can really think outside of the box and still connect with learning design.

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