Day 46: Best Classroom Ever…

 I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with MMU educator Julie Sloan and her Outdoor Adventure Class as they hit the water early one morning this week.  It was incredible in everyway.  I wondered how different the days were for students when they started out on the water.
Also thought about this larger conversation around “the curriculum.”  I get approached daily and hear this phrase or some version of it:
 “____________ needs to be added to the curriculum.”  
It’s usually followed by a high level of vehemence by the speaker.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these conversations and garner great ideas from them every time.  I just think there’s some different perspective about what this “curriculum” thing is.
I’ve been thinking a lot about it and tend to look at it a little differently.  Many consider “the curriculum” to be two things:
Static in capacity and a commitment that something will happen.
Static in capacity refers to the feeling that we need to take something out to put something in and commitment refers to the desire to make sure that this particular thing happens in schools. I look at it more as a shelf of tools and that we need to be thinking about adding options or “flexible pathways” (see what I did there?) to the different outcomes.
This is a concept that’s evolving in my head, but this morning on the water helped solidify some of the ideas.  More to come on that topic for sure.

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