Day 47: Let’s Talk About Books…


 I’ve written about this before but…come on…this video is just great!  Two years ago when I made a professional goal of showcasing myself as a reader I didn’t know that it would actually spread in terms of connections.  These kids were so pumped to think that there were people out there that would listen to them about their book recommendations.  That’s powerful.  And to be clear, this didn’t take up a ton of time.  It’s a really simple and fantastic way to get kids positively talking and sharing about books!  Since this video I’ve had two other classrooms from two other schools reach out and see if we could do something similar.  Just great.  Even better to see students and educators connecting across schools from a project like this.
I’ve seen so many other examples recently of bringing reading to the forefront in our schools:
  • Our high school educators always showcase what they are currently reading and what they’ve read over the summer
  • One lead learner in our district has vowed to bring a book with her everywhere she goes…and she reports that great conversations are happening because of it!
  • Book groups are forming in many schools


The list goes on and on and despite the seeming simplicity this is a powerful component of our culture and communities.


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