Day 56: Kids Just Want to Talk About Books…

 There seems to be this trend happening where everywhere I go kids want to talk about books and stuff.  It’s really quite wonderful!  Students at Smilie Memorial School saw a video of students at Jericho Elementary School giving book talks and they asked if they could do them too!  On so many levels I think this is a good thing…not only the reading and excitement about books part but I believe it’s a good idea for kids to have opportunities to practice speaking!  Seriously…it’s a valuable skill that occasionally comes in handy.  The same thing happens whenever I work on a video with scholars…initially they are camera-centric…they stare at it, wave at it…and then within five minutes they’re hardly aware of it.  It’s a tool…that’s all, not anything beyond that.  In some ways it’s ancient tech at this point.  The point is that as long as kids want to talk about books I’m going help!

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