If it’s great…keep doing it

 I remember when I was in second grade we did a whole unit on the squat thrust…and I wasn’t a fan…but I now see that there was a power in understand fitness and movement. The rest of my P.E. career was spent in various team sports…don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed most of it…with the exception of that basketball incident in 11th grade.   Fast forward to today and I see this transformation in P.E. that I think is genuinely incredible and exciting.  I see it with my own children and with the scholars in our schools.  Practical and functional movement standards are starting to move to the front, versus the rules and guidelines of team sports.  While those skills are still valuable and lend themselves to their own variety of learning, having students understand fitness, health and how to move are significantly important in our sedentary rich society.  This makes me happy in so many ways.

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