The Conflict Was The Best Part!

 I’ve been following the growth of things like BreakoutEDU for a while now and there’s no doubt that this type of learning is incredible when done well and with purpose.  It’s incredible, exciting and a great energy brought into the classroom.  It’s everything I hope for in a learning experience.  The best part?  Conflict…it’s really, really messy.  In this particular class the educators and I watched as there seemed to be a progression to the students experience.  It started with instant energy and frenetic movement…no real plan, just move.  Some called upon past BreakoutEDU experiences and just started looking around the room.  A very few worked with the clues that were given in the initial envelope…then, as if someone rang a bell the whole class seemed to realize, all at once, that they needed to get their acts together.  That’s where the conflict started…and it was amazing. You could see students having to adjust to share information, take time to listen to another’s ideas, fail freely in front of their peers and just work through a messy not always perfect process…and that, for me…that’s what it’s all about.  Incredible.
We’re hosting an informal professional development session this coming week all about BreakoutEDU.  My hope is that we just talk, listen, laugh and learn together without any pressure or concerns…just sharing.  Can’t wait!

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