Using @Plickers For Formative Assessment

I was invited in to see Brian Godfrey’s P.E. class last week because he really wanted to show me this tool he’s been using for formative assessment.  The tool is called Plickers, an online (free) tool that teachers can use to quickly assess student understanding.  He told me the concept and I thought I understood but wanted to see it for myself.  I have to say I was really impressed.  The scanning part of it is pretty common in tech these days but it was the power of the data analysis that was really great.  You don’t see this in the video but Plickers gives you a dashboard where you can sort and filter data results from assessments across classes and calendar dates.  It’s very robust compared to similar tools out there.  I could totally see this being used in classrooms at all levels.  Brian also shared some tips about putting time into adding visuals to the student cards to make it easier for them to manipulate, setting up the app so that you can see what you need to see in the moment and a few other gems.  This was a great use of this tool as far as I could see and I even got to hang out for some gymnastics!


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