@Twitter Comes Through Once Again…

There’s a lot of talk about which social media platforms are more useful, relevant, accessed…etc. going around the world right now…none of that really matters when you get down to the core of what social media has the power to do.  I believe that the true power of any social force is the connection that it can and will provide.  This has been proven over and over again in my own experience and those that I hear from others.

A recent example came in the form of a series of tweets that we saw in our district.  Students at RES were sending and receiving tweets from a class in Hong Kong.  To watch the exchange from the sidelines was so incredibly powerful and humbling that I won’t be able to do it justice in words.  I think for me it was the genuineness of the questions and answers.  You could tell that educators on both ends of the exchange were letting the students’ voice drive the exchange…they want to know if there are wolves in their land….how they farm…what kind of books are in their library…what does your classroom look like…actual questions that kids would have!  It’s been an amazing thing to watch and I’m super amazed and humbled by the power of it all.  It’s such a simple yet amazing thing.  I highly recommend checking out more details of the exchange at the RES Library Blog authored by @bethredford.


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