Chrome App Slam 010: Talk&Comment and the NEW Google Sites


We made it to double digits this past week!We have two things to share this week.  The first is a quick and simple extension called Talk & Comment.  I think this one has a lot of potential even though I still have some questions about it.  Still…for those that have utilized a lot of audio hosting sites and tools this one’s simplicity certainly makes it a contender.  Record audio clips and send them to anyone easily…over email, text, social media…whatever.  Seems that if the other person has the extension installed they’ll get their audio message delivered in an automatically embedded player (which is a really nice touch…you’ll just have to trust me on that one).

Next, Shaun and Renee take us through a brief walkthrough of the NEW Google Sites!  That’s right…Google Sites got the makeover we’ve all been waiting for, making it a contender in the world of easy website production.  For me this is a big one.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the evolution of Google Apps for Education and the systematic impact it’s had on our ecosystem.  We’ve gone all in on Google Docs…there are so many Google Docs we’re having to create new systems of management to handle and organize them so as an organization we can function at our highest levels.  I personally am starting to reinvest in the concept of Google Sites as an organizational tool for Google Docs.  We’ll see where it takes us, but regardless of the Google Sites changes we’re all going to have to figure out how to manage our hair trigger Google Doc habits!!!


2 thoughts on “Chrome App Slam 010: Talk&Comment and the NEW Google Sites

  1. I have to vote for Renee and Shaun (though I look forward to checking out Talk & Comment) only because I have a google site that I manage for our ELA PLC…

    Wish there was a way to migrate the old to the new easily…perhaps I’ll wait a bit to see if this comes along. We’ll see…I can be impatient that way!

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