If you aren’t using this communication tool in your school community you’re missing out!

image taken from https://storify.com/mmmusdcesu

A part of my job is to work on supporting high quality communication strategies for external and internal constituents.  Translation…I get to tell our story and connect people…it’s very cool!

As more and more of educators use social media to share their own stories and those of their classrooms it became very clear to me that I needed to harness that in some way.  More than that I had to be able to bring it to those that might not have a specific social media account such as Twitter or Instagram.  I did some shopping and came across Storify and thought I would give it a try.

I kid you not this has been one of the single most impactful communication habits we have put into place in our district.  I receive feedback (positive) about it constantly.  Here’s the basics:

We have district Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts that follow our district educators and lead learners.  I re-share and retweet those amazing posts during the week.  At the end of the week (every Sunday) I use Storify to “round up” those stories into one Storify called the MMMUSD-CESU Roundup.

Should be noted that Storify lets you choose different styles and formats to embed your particular “story” in:


(all images below taken from https://storify.com/mmmusdcesu/mmmusd-cesu-roundup-023-vted)

(be warned slideshows auto play audio in posts)




 long profile or “story”




Here’s the magic part…I share that Roundup on our district websites in addition to social media…and are you ready…magic part:

People get to see all the great stuff regardless of their own social media standing

Those who have spent any amount of time trying to get others to engage on social media can appreciate the magic label.

In addition, all our families can see these without following each educator individually.

This has been an incredibly powerful tool to help connect our learning communities.  Parents comment on how great it is to see the depth of things going on in our district, things they otherwise might not have known about.  Educators are finding out things about the teachers and classrooms in neighboring schools and are connecting on their own with each other.

And…this is the selfish part…for me, when I sit down and collect the posts I’m recharged and excited about all that we do.  I’m always amazed and I think I repeatedly say “all this was from one week!!!!”

This isn’t a paid endorsement but Storify…if you’re listening:


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