How Often Do We Talk About the Changes in Education with Parents? #cpchat #satchat

I think sometimes we find ourselves having conversations with parents and community members where they think we disagree with their perceptions of changes in education.  I think part of that comes from us not engaging the conversation of things that have changed with them.  There are many discussions in the world of education about taking advantage of opportunities to discuss with parents these changes whether that’s through regular communication or parent nights, open house events…stuff like that.  My own observations have been that when parents are given the opportunity to understand and hear about the shifts in education they are appreciative and become strong supporters or at least informed advocates of learning.  It’s powerful to witness.

We recently hosted two parent nights themed after this exact point.  One for ELA where we discussed the in’s and out’s of a Workshop Model of learning.  Another in mathematics where we talked more about this concept of “has math changed.”  Both were powerful to be a part of simply because we were having the conversation….there was no assumption that everyone understood the shifts. We engaged the conversation.

Both videos from the MMMUSD-CESU Schools


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