Learning Options When We’re Not In School? Shout out to @colonelb…nicely done sir. #cpchat


Disclaimer: I’m not sure of my opinions or thoughts on this one…just exploring via the blog.

My daughter recently had a slew of days at home due to illness and then there’s been a few snow day type situations that caused me to think back about some of the articles and blog posts I’ve read in past winters about schools using those days differently (also recently saw an article or read in a book about a district that made sub days self-guided learning days…but that’s for another time).

As I watched my daughter wait for the packet of math to come home with her big sister I couldn’t help but think there’s a missed opportunity there. I’m not talking about some of the bigger initiatives that basically move the school day online during canceled school days (although that’s a very interesting concept and research is starting to be gathered For Some Schools, Learning Doesn’t Stop on Snow Days via NPR).  Although some recognize that the number of snow days in a school year doesn’t readily compare to the average amount of days that students are out throughout the year (interesting study http://educationnext.org/defense-snow-days/)  thus they discuss the need to consider access for all sorts of “not in school days.” I’m talking more about just an engagement plan for these situations should students and families want that.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this but I wonder if there’s a way to start to strategically and proactively capture and collect interactive and engaging challenges (a special experience like BreakoutEDU…the virtual edition) for students and families to access by choice outside of school, in whatever manner that appears.

Even just engagement on the days versus an absence of engagement.  This is specific to a snow day but I could see a translation to when a student is out as well.  David Britten (@colonelb) posted this recently on a snow day in their district:

Dec. 12th, 2016 Snow Day Challenge

In this post there’s humor, a “get out and build a snowman” kind of message and even resource reminders like how to access the local libraries online book system.  That’s so much better than silence right?

I guess I don’t feel that a school or district HAS TO lean one way or another on this, but I do think working to provide OPTIONS for those that want it is something worth discussing.

I’ll add it to the list.


One thought on “Learning Options When We’re Not In School? Shout out to @colonelb…nicely done sir. #cpchat

  1. Enrichment Challenge that I created was exactly this….optional but challenging….targeting many learning styles and preferences! I personally like this idea instead of homework too (or at least for an optional substitution sometimes…..but I guess that is ANOTHER discussion!)

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