Are We Leaving a Digital Gap in Our History? #tbt

How many of us in education have had this experience: It’s the end of the school year and people start cleaning out their classrooms, offices, attics…whatever.  They find old photos of staff long gone from our schools, files labeled from past projects (that eerily resemble current initiatives) or old newsletters talking about the school and what’s going on.  Everyone slows down a tick and takes it all in, remembering back to those times or trying to imagine what it was like then.

photo of me and my grandfather in his woodshop…found in a box

I’m kind of on a kick with this concept in both my personal and professional life.  Recently I’ve been thumbing through old family photos and boxes of old photos from school.  I noticed two correlating things: in both my personal and professional settings the amount of physical evidence of existence and memories is suffering from about an eight year gap.

Think about this…in twenty years there might not be a box in the attic of the school building for the teachers or principals to find, to know our history and our wonders.  To know what we went through, where we’ve been.  Now I’m not saying we should run out and print our photos, stuff them in a time capsule for the sake of appeasing some future educators; however, I’m saying it’s an important thing to consider…in and out of school life.  Are people going to take the time to review your Instagram account?

There’s a value there we should keep an eye on.


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