“Big Deal” Moments Can Be BIG or Sometimes Understated

Video from MMMUSD-CESU schools
On the surface seeing these 6 years old lead a school meeting might not seem like much, and admittedly, the camera doesn’t do it justice (curse you loud HVAC systems!!??!)…but I assure you….it’s powerful.  Think back to your elementary school experiences.  Do you remember a moment where you were standing in front of your class or standing up during an assembly?  I vaguely remember a few moments and can’t help but note an internal feeling of nerves rising to the surface.  This is tough stuff!  When I’m in schools I’ll often pull out my phone or camera to capture something and almost always a person (student, teacher or parent) will say something like, “this isn’t that amazing” but guess what…it is!

“BIG DEAL” moments can be BIG or understated….

they’re still “BIG DEAL” moments


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