I think I could just scrap email and move to social media…maybe…@tonysinanis #edchat #socialmedia #productivity #hacklearning


About two weeks ago while talking with @TonySinanis (be sure to check out his blog…it’s excellent, but don’t tell him I told you that) I made the comment that I thought I could move entirely to social media and scrap email.  Later that week I got tagged in a twitter chat about that topic and had a great conversation about it.  The whole thing prompted me to pay more attention to my typical communications and see what was going on.  Here’s what I observed in one week:

  • I receive A LOT of emails. Most were nuts and bolts stuff…some were epic emails where the structure of email allowed the person to sit down for a longer period of time and outline a point of view.  The problem with this second approach is that every single time this happened it required an in person conversation or a back and forth anyway.
  • Many, MANY people have figured out that they can reach me through one of the following and have a better conversation with quicker results
    • Twitter – either through messages for internal communication or through tweets for the fun stuff and professional conversations
    • Instagram – More and more educators are starting to connect with me through this
    • Snapchat snapcode– Yep…even here some folks have started to reach out
    • Voxer – Very few in my area moved here but I’ve got a few folks that have done this and it’s awesome…probably could be the all-in-one tool that would allow me to make this leap 
    • Text Messaging  – the ol’ standard

Overall the conversations on social media tools were more fruitful, quicker to action and conversational in method.  The emails become to-do lists that I almost always need to follow up in person.  It’s pretty clear to me which is more effective.

So…can I make the leap?

The short answer is no.  Too many people aren’t ready to do this and I’m not faulting them for that.  The long game says that it’s going to happen.  Look at tools like Slack and others…email is evolving and will eventually morph so much that I can totally see being able to make this leap.

In the meantime…I’m going to live more mobile, move more and more into social and seek out those efficient routes.  To those who are connecting with me via these tools…thank you for the conversation!


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