5 Ways Educators and Leaders Could Use Instagram Live #hacklearning @instagram


Instagram LIVE is a relatively new feature (in social media years it’s ancient news, but for us mere mortals…it’s pretty new) and already many are making full use of this incredible tool.  Just think…you know how the ability to broadcast live anytime with relative ease.  Followers can join your LIVE video, comment (if you have the comments on – NOTE: you can turn these off) and LIKE points in the video.  The video isn’t recorded…it’s gone when you end.  There have been other ways to do this but now it’s so matter of fact maybe we as educational leaders need to think about how tools like this can help us connect, communicate and learn from others.


Here are five possible ways to utilize instagram live into your practice*:

  1. For BIG announcements – This can be a great, quick tool to be able to share something big and/or new.  Sometimes making a BIG announcement over email or in a newsletter loses some of the context and pizzaz (that’s right I used the word pizzaz)…being able to announce it live and explain some concepts verbally is more humanized
  2. Celebrate something – Got good news?  Share it…explain it, celebrate it…put some emotion behind it!
  3. Q and A – This has probably been one of the most often utilized formats for organizational leaders since it has become available.  Hosting a Q and A where viewers can type in their questions allows you to see what your stakeholders value and want to know about…very powerful (make sure you have your act together before attempting this one!)
  4. Live chat – Many of our districts have a lot of buildings, geographically separated…this could be a way to be able to deliver info, field questions, etc. in a town hall style meeting with internal stakeholders.
  5. The real you – Share behind the scenes type stuff…what’s going into this planning moment.  Ask for ideas, help and feedback…see if viewers can help you out.  Great ideas come from connections.

These are just a few ways that I could see Instagram LIVE working into my routine  and others, but I’m sure it will continue to evolve and morph.

*Obviously this doesn’t supersede face to face communication.  Also, you might consider doing it from a school or district based account versus your own, so that your Uncle Pete doesn’t get on there and add to the conversation.  




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