Roots and Wings Podcast: E003 featuring @acowanpe and @sbaerfarrell #hacklearning

Roots and Wings E003: Click here for link In this episode we meet Amanda Cowan, MMMUSD-CESU P.E. Teacher

We have two podcasts running in MMMUSD-CESU to celebrate wellness and joy in teaching. One is Roots and Wings where Sara Baer-Farrell (MMMUSD-CESU Educator) interviews educators to find out what makes them tick as an educator. The second is the MMMUSD-CESU Wellness Podcast where Jean Campbell, MMMUSD-CESU Technology staff member, interviews educators about wellness habits and practices. Both are a celebration of our educators and excellent additions to your podcast lists.

I’m really enjoying this step back into the podcasting world.  Taking it slow, but it’s incredible.  Both Sara Baer-Farrell and  Jean Campbell do an amazing job keeping the great content rolling in.


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