School Snow Days Are Funny #stella2017 #blizzard2017 #winterstormstella


When I was a kid a snow day felt like some sort of grand celebration…like I’d won something. Sometimes that feeling still floats around but other times…well, other times snow days can be some of the most intense work days ever. I’ll see if I can explain.

Educators aren’t great at not doing anything related to education. I mean that in the most respectful, awesome, all day hustle kind of way. It’s true, educators are some of the hardest 18–20 hour a day workers you’ll ever meet. They are constantly thinking…about systems, about the future, about kids…everything. It rarely shuts off (that’s a whole other blog post).

Now enter the snow day.

A full day with no meetings, no students…a chance to think about and work on all those things that have been floating around in our heads forever but not seeing the daylight due to regular life. It’s all kind of wonderful in a much different way than that kid celebrating a snow day kind of way, but nonetheless, awesome.

I get some of the most in-depth, full system thinking emails and phone calls on snow days. I’m rarely unplugged on one of these days. I commented to my wife last night (after day one of “Stella Cancels School”) that I thought I did as much or more “work” than I would have done on a regular work day! It felt wonderfully productive (and I still got a chance to play). With all this I think it’s “funny” that many think of these as total days off for educators. Ha!

Thus…snow days are funny.


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