Chrome App Slam 015: @instagrok, @ziteboard and @google url shortener #vtedtech #hacklearning

We know…need to be shorter…we’re working on it!
Here are the apps and extensions that we looked at this week:


Interactive search engine that generates concept maps from your search terms. Includes key facts, links, videos, and images.


Zoomable real-time whiteboard for shared teamwork collaboration. Vector design, sketch drawing, shape recognition, tutoring, meeting.

Ziteboard is the best zoomable online whiteboard for collaboration on any desktop or mobile device.

Explain, sketch, teach anything. Design layouts, workflows, prototypes. Extend video conferences with visual teamwork: discussions, meetings, daily presentations, online training, tutoring or even mind mapping. 

Shorten any URL (long internet address) for those times when students, parents or other members of the community may need to manually type it in. It stores all of your shortened sites for future reference and automatically creates a QR code.


One thought on “Chrome App Slam 015: @instagrok, @ziteboard and @google url shortener #vtedtech #hacklearning

  1. Aimee Randall

    We enjoyed this app slam! I would vote for Ziteboard first and a very close second would be Instagrok. Thanks for sharing 3 helpful resources!

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