Did You Know LED Traffic Lights Mess With Your Radio?!?!

Whenever I’m invited to be a judge at a school event I get really excited…not because I’m judgy but because I know I’ll get to see and interact with a bunch of different students and staff.  It’s always a great time.  This time I was invited to a wing-wide science fair at BRMS.  I was SHOCKED to hear that there were going to be 88 total projects to review…shocked in an awesome way.
The best part for me was seeing genuine questions represented.  There were many projects where students had observed something in life and took it to the mat with genuine inquiry-driven learning.  I like that…I like that a lot.  One of the projects (only about ten seconds in the video cause how do you compress 88 projects into a video!??!) featured a question around LED traffic lights and their impact on radio signals.  The student had noticed that when their car stopped at certain traffic lights the radio would go out.  She explored it further and realized that it was specific to LED traffic lights.  Who knew!!?!?!?!?!  I didn’t and was absolutely impressed with that level of questioning and research.
And yes…I want to avoid LED traffic lights a little.

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