Staying Connected with Classrooms Through Social Media #hackleadership @kdarling7112 @RESGrade3


One of the first things that people said to me when I moved to my new position (curriculum director) was something like, “Aren’t you going to miss the kids and connecting with classrooms?”  The obvious answer is that yes, I would miss that if that were something I wasn’t doing anymore, but the reality is I am still connecting!  In many ways, I’m connecting with more students and classrooms!

One of the strategies I’ve used that seems to be very successful is continuing to connect with classrooms via social media.  This has been a really simple, yet powerful, way for me to continue to connect but also a brilliant opportunity to model the use and opportunities within social media for our students.

The video above shows a classroom that sent me a challenge (this has been something I’ve encouraged classrooms to do…I’m always up for a challenge…send as many as you want…and kudos to these educators for their innovation in this work!).  They wanted me to guess what they were learning in class based on a few clues.  How awesome is this!?  The whole video and process took less than two minutes for the teacher (@KDarling7112 ) just Tweeted me the videos and we communicated on that platform back and forth.  Think about the impact of having students see a connection like that via social media…it’s appropriate, about their learning, shows the ease of connection…I could go on.  It’s great!

I continue to also get quick and weekly connections with classrooms in many of our schools.  Things like back and forth jokes (which I love).  When I was doing more book reviews I had a lot of interaction with students and classrooms, sharing their thoughts on the books I featured.

As educational leaders, I think this is both personally and professionally powerful in so many ways.  And EASY!


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