Trying for Transparency #hackingleadership

This is a concept that’s been kicking around in my head for a while now.  I’m still not sure about it, but I enjoy setting up a challenge situation for myself as a way to learn…so here it is.

The problem that I’m attempting to address is the feeling that people don’t know what’s “going on” with curriculum conversations in the district.  Mind you, this isn’t necessarily a complaint but it raises questions of how to effectively communicate with stakeholders about the work that’s going on every day around curriculum, supporting teachers and supporting scholars.

We have nine schools that are pretty spread out geographically so it’s hard to get face time with everyone on a timely basis and share that great conversation that I had with a group of teachers at one school about social studies with the entire district.  Or that great conversation that the admin team is having around trying to support teachers.  Stuff like that usually waits for a small space on our biweekly memo and here we have all these great communication tools at our disposal right?

So that’s where this next challenge comes from.  I’m going to try working a weekly vlog-style video into my communication systems.  I’m hoping to focus on the curricular conversations that are happening and just share in a more casual way with folks and see if it helps provide context on the work that’s happening.

It isn’t smooth yet…at all, but hopefully with a little practice, trial and error I’ll get there.


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