Preschoolers and Fourth Graders Make Excellent Storytellers #edchat

 One of the extreme perks of my job is that I get to travel throughout our schools and see great learning opportunities.  I also get to see all the tough moments, stuff that people work hard to get through and in the end, there’s this great success or growth that happens.  Both perks make me very happy.
Last week I was invited (with many other people) to visit a preschool performance at Richmond Elementary School.  It was, of course, a great thing to be there for and I enjoyed every moment, but the part that really stuck with me was when the teacher was introducing the event.  She said that the kids had been sharing their love of stories and storytelling.  There’s been a lot of social media traffic about the value of modeling and sharing the art of storytelling with students (some even showing that it’s one of the most powerful tools to building effective writers and readers, especially versus more traditional models of grammar instruction, etc.).  This particular gift that was evident during this performance really stuck in my head and seems to be a concept that I’ll obsess about in the future months.

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