Video and Social Media Warm Up for Ed Leaders #vted #hackingleadership

Not always totally comfortable with shameless self promotion but I’m making an exception.
This’ll be a genuinely fun opportunity to sit with other admin and share how to do this stuff without struggling.  I always end up learning a ton myself and maintain those connections beyond the one or two days of the workshop.  It’s great…and I’m told there will be food!  Can’t go wrong with that!?
Check out the info here.

One thought on “Video and Social Media Warm Up for Ed Leaders #vted #hackingleadership

  1. I love what you are doing to help schools share the amazing work of their students and educators!! When our girls were in school, I would do everything in my own power to share some of the amazing things our district and schools were doing for our kids. I have ALWAYS felt that if the community had a better idea of what was happening in classrooms, faculty meetings, and in the lives of these kids, budgets would have a great chance of passing, teachers would be better supported and most importantly our kids would have a better connection to their communities. Keep up this good work!

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