Big Plans for @Anchor This Year #hackingleadership

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Link to show (still sorting out the embed)

I’m really excited to start using a new tool in our communications this year. I’m talking about Anchor.  Anchor is a form of audio social media.  Some have called it the Twitter for the ear.  Now, I’m a HUGE podcast fan, so something of his format immediately stands out to me.

First a little about Anchor:
  • The concept of Anchor is that you can produce audio “shows” easily directly from your mobile device (or share via your computer) in a nice, slick manner
  • It’s a very clean platform.  By that I mean that it’s easy to navigate, visually appealing and you can’t really mess up
  • It easily connects with other social media accounts so you can share your shows in other spots
  • There’s a desktop access that allows you to upload audio clips from your computer
  • It has two features that I’m particularly excited about: Interviews, where you can call one of your contacts and record the chat, and Call Ins, where people can submit audio for you to use in your show

My hope is to be able to create a weekly “show” chatting with our principals (to start).  Nothing fancy to begin with just a chance to share the great stuff going on in their learning communities.  I do hope that it develops and we can start to interact with our educators and communities using the call ins and interview features…allowing for more Q and A type interactions, which I find very valuable.  Definitely a new tool to check out, there’s going to be more to come with this one!


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