Big Decisions Can Be About Little Things #edchat

We are switching to a networked copier system.  A part of this work involved naming a copier…the copier…the only copier that people will see when they press print.  It’s the name that will show up no matter what building you are in, no matter what copier you go to…it’s that name.  And as any educator knows…big change, little change…it’s all important to people in an organization.  We all want this to go smoothly and effectively for our educators, so it’s with that in mind that we took naming this device incredibly seriously.

Little changes yield big results when it comes to culture, climate and comfort, so we knew that it was important.  Not everyone will like our choice, not everyone will understand, but at the least, they should know that we cared a bunch about making it good for them.

Big thanks to all those that tweeted suggestions…there were some good ones!


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