It’s Not Your Pedigree That Counts #writeeveryday

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I’ll admit that when I hear the word pedigree I cringe just a little, but when I look at the true definition I understand that it truly is speaking about history.

I think about the pedigree of schools and looking back on how they got to where they are now.  Think about an individual school, a small school, out in the country…in the pedigree of that school there was a moment.  A moment where a group of people decided that there needed to be a school.  That’s an incredible moment, probably one that we don’t think about enough.

I also consider our job as educators.  We are here to break down that cringe moment of thinking about pedigree…there’s greatness in all of our histories…who we are…who we will be.  It’s our job to make that so.

The word pedigree has a connotation with it…one of recognition of some historical connection to greatness.  I would argue that we all have moments of greatness in our pedigree and that our schools also have those moments. Moments in time when someone did something great, of immeasurable significance to the then future.  It’s not the exception to have greatness in our lineage, it is the norm, as schools, communities, and people.


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