The Clam Flats Are Closed #writeeveryday

Photo I took in Ogunquit, Maine

Liquid.  This time of year in a school system is all about being liquid…fluid…flexible.  It’s an incredible pace that erupts under our feet, sweeping us one direction and the next.  Just taking time to look back through photos and find images that fit the theme of liquid was relaxing in itself.  But it also served as the ultimate reminder to not always fight the current (prepare for an onslaught of water metaphors).

Part of our job in education is to be responsive…always responsive, to what the world (our students) needs from us in the moment.  Sometimes that’s obvious and sometimes not so much. Schedules are shifted, field trips are frequent, end of year tasks are mounting, and our students (much like ourselves) may be visiting someplace else in their minds on some days.  It’s in these moments that taking a breath, searching through your photos via the word “water” (seriously you should do this…I did and every picture that came up was a great memory), and remembering how liquid bends and flows with the path can be the best recommendation in the book.  And remember…if the clam flats are closed, just find another way to get to the water.

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