Archaic Considerations #writeeveryday


Often the term archaic is used with an implied amount of disdain or suggestion of “time to move on.”  In education there are many examples and discussions around archaic practices including everything from classroom design to the use of worksheets.  It’s can be emotional and personal for people when these terms and talks come into play.  I think there’s a reason.

When we latch onto something that might be considered archaic, we generally do that for ourselves.  There’s some connection or value that comes from this thing that helps us in some way. I want to be clear when I say I do not think all things that may be considered archaic are bad or of less value than something new.  In fact, I’ve got my own problems…I love chalkboards.  I can’t even think about large problems without a chalkboard around to draw and articulate it on.  But that’s about me.  I’m sure my colleagues would not mind a little less chalk dust, the constant clicking on the board as a write must be fun with thin walls, and let’s not forget eraser cleaning day (gives me chills).

But there’s the friction point. We need to ask ourselves the “why” and “for who” questions of things that are considered archaic.  It’s been said doing something just because that’s the way we’ve always done it is a mistake.  But I’d toss another one in there…if it still works and achieves our goals, let’s not toss it out the window.

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