Sometimes It’s Just Messy #writeeveryday

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I’m a big routine guy. I don’t feel right sometimes when my routine(s) get discombobulated. But sometimes it happens, and it’s messy but good.  You see, I recognize that becoming too reliant on a routine can be a bad thing and that occasionally being challenged to function outside of my routine is an excellent exercise, even if it produces headaches.

So this morning I had the chance to drop my daughter off at school (I don’t get to do this often right now so when it comes up I’m actually grateful).  It wasn’t really until after the drop off that things got messy.  I drove out to the main road from the school and immediately found myself in a random sort of traffic jam…really not near any sort of major population center. We slowly moved down the road at about 15 miles per hour under the speed limit.  It was at this point that I realized my morning routine was not going to happen.

This was followed by stopping at a different coffee shop than I usually do, having a very negative interaction with another customer there, taking a different route to work in which I encountered just about every piece of farm and/or construction equipment one might think of, and ending with me being one minute late for my own meeting in my office.

Now, it was messy, but guess what?  I got right back into it with just a minute or two to sort it out.  Messy, but good.


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