Online Class: Social Media for Educators (totally recognize the irony of using social media to share) #vted

Social Media for Educators Online Class – November Session Starts Soon

This is going to be an extremely manageable approach to learning how to use social media in your school, classroom, or learning community.  Each module features a short video session sharing tips, strategy, and answers to frequently asked questions and are followed by a short, relevant task or assignment.  By the end of the class, you’ll have everything you need to be an efficient, globally connected educator!

To register go to

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There’s a dedicated page on the blog for information and questions 

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InnovatED S2 E002: @useloom, @wistia, and new features on @epickidsbooks #edtech

In this episode we look at:
Loom is a free screencasting tool that works on Chromebooks, Macs, and Windows computers. Loom is a Chrome extension. You can record your desktop, an individual tab, and or your webcam. Videos can be up to 10 minutes long and can be shared via social media & email, or downloaded as a mp4. Soapbox is a screencasting tool that includes a pretty impressive editor, easy settings to adjust camera/screen views and a simple interface. It’s in the Chrome app store and also at
Epic! Is a great resources to augment a classroom library with authentic digital texts. This video showcases the much teacher requested feature of following along during playback of “read to me” books..

First Time Using @bookcreatorapp with @aprildelphia1 #vted

I had the chance to visit @AprilDelphia1 classroom last week (some of the most polite students I’ve ever encountered by the way) and observe/help out with the students first introduction to @BookCreatorApp.  There were all the usual tech challenges you’d expect but the students were super resilient and positive about those (none attached to Book Creator but things like signing onto a Chromebook that’s not yours, etc.).  The most striking observation was the high level of engagement that the students displayed.  Let me clarify, I don’t mean that they were focussed solely on the screen, but instead that they were VERY intent on making their stories incredible using this tool.

The @NatureCatsUCS crew reflects on organization in an outdoor learning environment #vted #outdoorlearning

In this episode of the UCS Nature Cats series we check in with the educators and they share some interesting challenges around organization.  Classroom design is always an interesting area to consider, but when you extend your classroom well beyond the walls that surround you organization can become even more essential.

It took a mile before I knew what was going on in the story!? #vted #hacklearning

Last week I was invited to join the kindergarten class at Underhill Central School as they headed off on one of their story walks.  I admit I’d never been on a story walk before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I should have known that I would:
a. very much get into the story
b. see lots of happy children
c. walk
d. love it

Mural Art with @Mary_Lacy #artchat #mural #vermont

BRMS recently invited a former scholar back to the school to host a residency program.  Mary Lacy once walked past the walls that she and students painted a week ago.  It’s incredible to think about that.  The whole project was incredible, but one of my favorite parts was how Mary described her journey into being an artist. I heard her tell students about herself when she was at BRMS, how she made connections with her community, the importance that math played in her current artistic expressions…all of it.  It was fascinating and a strong connection point for students.  Definitely check out her work (I’d driven past it before and never knew where it came from…so cool!) and support the arts!