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This blog is a platform to share my own learning, work, and sometimes personal growth.  It’s a powerful tool to be able to reflect back on past experiences and see where I’ve been.  It’s a near constant work in progress, but it’s in progress…that’s the important part.

This year we’re using the Marzano District Leader Evaluation Model as our professional accountability tool.  As such we took three domains and once action/behavior within that domain to focus on for the year.  Accordingly, different blog posts may speak to a domain and will be categorized that way.

The three domains I’ve chosen for this year are:

Domain 3:
Continuous Support for a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

(1) The district leader ensures that curriculum and assessment initiatives, and supporting operational practices, at the district and school levels adhere to federal, state, and district standards

Domain 5:
District Climate

(2) The district leader has the trust of constituents (e.g. school board, administrators, teachers, students, and parents) that his or her actions are guided by what is best for all student populations and the district.

Domain 6:
Resource Allocation

(1) The district leader manages the fiscal resources of the district in a way that focuses on effective instruction and achievement of all students and optimal district operations.