Curriculum Vlog 026: Holiday Prep, Curriculum Committees, and Procurement

A look back at the week of November 13, 2017.

Curtain Call at @BrownsRiverMS #vermont #vted #performingarts

The fine folks at Browns River Middle School are looking for some help!  They’ve got a strong performing arts culture in the building, with high school students still talk about their experiences performing at BRMS.  But there’s one thing that also stands out in their memories…the curtains…the original curtains…complete with stains, safety concerns, and a very pleasant ambiance!  Help them out by sending a little love their way!  Contact Kevin Hamilton at Browns River Middle School for more info!


Here’s a second video with interviews from students at the end:

We Should Probably Do This More Often!

We were fortunate to have some future scholars from an area play group visit our central office this week to share their Halloween costumes with us.  They walked through the business office, past the copiers and file cabinets, behind desks and throughout the entire office.  Our central office is not on a school campus, so the opportunities to connect with those in the community, students, parents, etc. looks very different than it does at a school.  This past year we’ve been looking at different ways to provide those connection opportunities, because we know they are important on so many levels.  For example, we’ve offered for staff to be able to go and read with students in our schools weekly, we are all going to help out with our 100 days phone calls, and then there are things like this visit.  It’s an important aspect of a healthy culture…and it’s just fun…come on!

Full Day Experiences for Students

I had the chance to visit the first grade team at JES the other day and they were taking a whole day for some social studies work around community. I like the idea of taking a full day to do something that may often be scheduled here and there.  That concept of immersing yourself, your classroom, and students into a concept for a longer period of time is fun…it makes it something special.  Students rotated throughout the grade 1 classrooms, participating in different activities and lessons all based around community.  Great stuff…and on a personal note…when I was teaching the map lessons were some of my favorites.  Who doesn’t like a good map?