How @cbristol21 used @recapthat with her scholars to discuss texts #tcrwp #edchat

This was a great opportunity to see an educator trying new tools to find ways to share the greatness of books!  @cbristol21 used the Recap tool to allow students the time to independently discuss books and characters.  We had a side conversation about how useful tools like this can be for educators, where time is of the essence.  She shared how great it is for her to be able to go back and watch the videos of students interacting.  She’s able to get a sense of their understanding and comfort with the learning. Incredible educator and great learning!

Hey! I’m Teaching An Online Class #vted #edchat #hacklearning

Social Media for Educators Online Class – November Session Starts Soon

This is going to be an extremely manageable approach to learning how to use social media in your school, classroom, or learning community.  Each module features a short video session sharing tips, strategy, and answers to frequently asked questions and are followed by a short, relevant task or assignment.  By the end of the class, you’ll have everything you need to be an efficient, globally connected educator!

To register go to

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There’s a dedicated page on the blog for information and questions 

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Nonfiction Introduction in Kindergarten with @baronucs #vted

I was hanging out in the UCS library last week when @baronucs let me know that the kindergarten students were about to come in.  He was sharing that today he was going to introduce them to the nonfiction section of the library (I really like how thoughtful he is about introducing the library to the students…and I just like kindergarten a lot).  So I had the chance to see how he walked them through understanding the different components of the two different kinds of texts.

Catching a Special Moment #edchat

So this post is more about what you don’t see in this video.  I had a bunch of school meetings last week and one morning I arrived about thirty minutes early for a meeting at BRMS.  I was parked in the lot and noticed this incredible sky and thought, “why not set up the camera while I’m sitting here.”  It turned into an incredible experience. I had a tripod set up next to my truck and was just enjoying a coffee and standing in the cool air.  As people arrived to start the day they stopped and chatted with me, about school…life…education…our curriculum planning…you name it.  This continued for about a half an hour.  It was such a powerful way to start the day and it just kind of happened without any planning.