#Curriculum and #Technology #Vlog 015 6.5.19

The days this week have been “surreal” to quote someone else! Each day has been really fast paced, full of meetings, and those familiar feelings of not having enough time. Having said that, they’ve also been really quite productive and based in good stuff. I say that minus the phones not working right…that wasn’t good stuff and it wasn’t productive. Really want to spend more time on the professional development calendar. I think that it’ll help us more evenly think about year long professional development for all stakeholder groups in the learning community…and it’s fun to do.


One Principal and Some Guy #Book #Review E014: Sweety by @AndreaZuill and The Yeti Files by @KevinSherry_ @HeratyRyan

In this episode of One Principal and Some Guy Book Reviews we take a look at Sweety by Andrea Zuill (http://www.andreazuill.org/) and The Yeti Files by Kevin Sherry (http://kevinsherryonline.com/). Be sure to check them out!

#Curriculum and #Technology #Vlog E013 6.3.19

Monday was a Monday, but it wasn’t that bad. Really I have four big tasks that I need to hammer out…three of them are connected to grants. The fourth has to do with all the on-boarding of new software products that we were lucky to be able to get. I wanted the day to be way more productive than it was, but there wasn’t a wasted moment so I feel alright about that. Onward and upward.

Hey, @BenWhiteEdu and I are offering some courses and stuff this summer (camera included in one!) #vted #vermont #edchat

I’m excited to be partnering with Ben White and Castleton University to present three hybrid courses for the summer of 2019.  Ben and I plan to create a very dynamic experience for participants in the course.

Workload will be manageable and immediately useful to educators.

Don’t worry about your schedule and summer details as each class will live online and operate in a flexible way (we want to have a summer too!).

Please take a look and let me or Ben know if you have questions!  We’re excited to partner with educators and learn together.


Link to course descriptions and information:

Social Media for Educators – Finally take the time to refine your social media skills and model positive digital connections with your scholars, families, and learning community

Video Leadership for Educators – Ya’ get a camera with this one! Video is one of the most efficient and powerful ways to connect with your learners, families, and broader community!

Teaching Diversity through Literature – In this course, you will explore representations in literature which can enable students to find their unique identity and to develop pride in their roots and origin as well as develop a cultural awareness.

#Curriculum and #Technology #Vlog E012 5.28.19 through 5.30.19

Last week got away from me…with good stuff! Had a very insightful and interesting conversation with educators and administrators around the equity work we’re tackling in the district. I walked away more informed and feeling good about the work ahead…also felt like we’re connecting the work across the whole district which is good.

The central office admin retreat was also interesting. As a systems fella, I appreciated the information about how systems can be adjusted to support principals…pretty amazing time. More to come on this work.

Immersing Myself in Immersion…Again.

I’ve been lucky in my career to have been a part of a language immersion program…let me rephrase. I’ve been lucky to be a part of the very beginnings of a language immersion program.  When I took my last position I stepped in after a mountain of folks had already been working toward implementing a program…and then myself and another mountain of folks stepped in to keep it going…and more mountains of folks are still keeping that going.

In my new position we are about to embark in the process of looking at language immersion as well.  It’s exciting and amazing…and big, very big.  This was a first attempt to share with our learning community what’s going on, or at the very least, where we’ll be starting the process.  I’m excited for the journey!